North Dakota Residence

This rustic modern located in West Fargo takes on scandinavian design principles which radiate a
linear design that easily blends into the landscape. The natural tone of the materials and many
windows really enhance the outdoor spaces and make for exciting facades on every side of the

Modern Prairie Farmhouse

Located in Oxbow, North Dakota, this new modern Farmhouse adds a unique touch to the area. The
design incorporates exciting contrasts in color and texture with a touch of modern flat roof elements. The dark metal paneling compliments the black framed windows and adds
a powerful design element to this style of home.

Fargo Transitional

Located in Fargo, North Dakota, a mix of simple details and stucco add an extra touch to the
elegance of this new build. The functional layout of this home makes it very practical and livable. A
kitchen with a walk-in pantry and a living area with an informal den and window seat are just a few of
the exciting spaces in this home.

Pickerel Lake Modern

This lake home takes advantage of the gorgeous views of Pickerel Lake with its floor-to-ceiling windows. The tiered exterior provides a unique look at sleek modernism. Materials such as walnut, stone, and steel blend together to create a gorgeous contemporary home on the interior.

Pickerel Lake Modern II

While at CHA Architecture

Pickerel Lake Modern II is a calm and sophisticated environment that is created by a palette of natural materials blended with steel detailing. A strong connection to the outdoors is made with the 4-season porch, wraparound deck, and large expanses of glass. The light-filled main floor is an open plan to create easy circulation between entertaining spaces.

9th St. Remodel

The goal of this remodel was to give a cleaner, lighter look to the kitchen, dining room, living room, and bathroom. White brightens the home to give it a spacious feel while the earth tones complement the natural materials to make it inviting.

The Dutch

The Dutch is a quaint home that will bring a unique style to Moorhead, Minnesota. Inspired by the Dutch Colonial style, this home features a porte-cochère, a gambrel roof, and shutters. The space within the home is extremely functional and livable, making the most out of this fascinating design.

Smart Home Technologies

This modern industrial office space was transformed for Smart Home Technologies to utilize the equipment and controls that they offer. The clean lines, blend of materials, and openness of the space make the design sleek – just like the technology. Intelligent lighting control, energy monitoring, and high-tech security give you the ultimate command over your sense of space.

Iowa Modern

Iowa Modern is a stunning elongated home with unmatched views of the lake. The house receives ample daylight from the large expanses of glass and is complemented by the natural tones and materials. The main living spaces flow effortlessly into the outdoor living areas which provide plenty of space for entertainment and are the epitome of lake life.