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Design and Living
March 17, 2022

Principal Architect “I always looked towards new basketball shoes for inspiration”


Meet Jackson Strom, Principal Architect and Founder of Strom Architecture. Jackson specializes in the design and interiors of custom residential and boutique commercial architecture. His clients often do not know that he provides interior modeling for the whole project, in addition to selections for all interior and exterior finishes.

Growing up in rural northeast South Dakota, Jackson was encouraged by his mom at a young age in anything artistic. In addition to his interest in the arts, Jackson helped his dad build homes during the summer and poured concrete for a local contractor as well.

Jackson graduated with his Master’s in Architecture from NDSU in 2009, and continued to gain experience in the architectural field for the next decade. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for the profession led him to found Strom Architecture at the end of 2019, and he has since grown to a team of five.

Strom Architecture asks questions, outlines your goals, and formulates a detailed summary that is referenced throughout the project. The initial meeting is complimentary, and if you would like to proceed, they follow up with a proposal detailing the scope of work with a fixed fee for each service which establishes a clear understanding of their services upfront and eliminates unwanted surprises along the way.

inspiration, colors & trends.

As a child, Jackson wanted to be a shoe designer—specifically a Nike Basketball shoe designer for Michael Jordan during his career. “I always looked towards new basketball shoes for inspiration,” said Jackson.

Today, Jackson stays inspired by following other firms and creatives that he respects.

When it comes to moods and materials, Jackson loves natural materials, large kitchens and indoor areas that expand into the outdoors. He is often inspired by Seattle-based architect, Tom Kundig. But ultimately, he finds inspiration in his clients. “Each new client brings an energy to their project that is contagious and inspiring,” said Jackson.

Outside of the office, Jackson loves to spend time with his wife Lindsey, and their son, Sully. His ultimate goal is to create lasting architecture while continuing to develop relationships along the way.

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