Interiors Process

We take a holistic approach to design, spending as much energy on the interiors as any other area. With our 3D model, we are able to help you visualize proposed finishes and material selections.

1 — Pre-Design


  • Pre-design Survey
  • Gather Inspiration for Interiors
  • Discuss with Builder the Budget for Interior

2 — Initial Meeting


  • Discuss your vision for the interior of your home

3 — Interior Model


  • Visualize the interiors of your project with detailed renderings that help you visualize space, colors, and overall aesthetic.

4 — Selection Meeting(s)


  • Cabinetry, hardware, appliances, countertops, flooring, backsplash, trim profiles, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and lighting.

Get Started on Your Journey

Strom Architecture strives to provide a collaborative design process that develops unique solutions to our client’s needs and desired aesthetics. Interested in learning more or setting up a complimentary consultation? Let’s get started!

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